How Does It Work?

When you purchase Enfūz, you get a box containing 30 packets of capsules and tablets. All you have to do is take one packet a day. You choose the time of day.


What Is In Each Packet?

Each packet contains the following:

Multi-vitamin/mineral from natural (primarily vegetable) sources.
Immune support (highly concentrated antioxidant from extracts of noni, mangosteen, pomegranate, acai, gogi and resveratrol)
Vitamin D-3 (1900 IUs)
Probiotic (for digestive health)
CoQ10 (30 mg) for heart health
Omega-3 (Fish Oil) for heart health

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Why should I consider Enfūz?

Enfūz is based on six specific benefits for health consumers.

• Convenient - Get everything you need by just taking one handy package of tablets/capsules each day.
• Save money - You save up to 46% compared to purchasing the different components in Enfūz individually.
• Real results - Enfūz is not a fad. It is formulated based on decades of real science and clinical trials.
• Complete - Enfūz contains ALL the nutritional supplements that are widely recommended. Likely, it can be the only product you take.
• High Quality - The ingredients and manufacturing of Enfūz represent the best quality available in the industry.
• Affordable - Just $1.00 a day.

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